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Illustration by Gabby Whisler, Art & Engineering undergraduate student, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2023

Collaborate in the Design of Soil for Society Network

We Uphold the Following Values:

Create Community

Creating a diverse and inclusive, evidence-based community of soil-enthusiasts spanning career stages, geographies, cultures, disciplines, and sectors of society.

Provide Space

Providing an inclusive space that fosters a culture of integrated systems thinking.

Exchange Knowledge

Creating a platform for transparent, safe data and knowledge exchange.

Facilitate Access to Knowledge

Facilitating access to data & knowledge through transdisciplinary collaboration.

Build Capacity

Preparing an emerging/NextGen workforce of systems thinkers to address complexities of future sustainable development.

Empower Communities

Supporting communities with local knowledge and applied tools to guide adoption of evidence-based decisions and policies.

Co-Design Solutions

Utilizing a systems approach across social and economic dimensions to create community based, innovative solutions.

Supported by the National Science Foundation AccelNet Program Award #2201335