Vision: To empower a globally connected network of soil systems partners for sustainable development.

Mission: To co-create a diverse and inclusive soil systems community of scientists, practitioners, and society toward climate-adaptive, sustainable, food and water systems.

Why “Soil for Society”?

Soil systems are at the heart of food & water security, ecosystem services, and climate adaptation – fundamental to sustainable development. Improving the resilience of soil systems is a societal grand challenge requiring global collaboration to create solutions. With funding from the National Science Foundation, we are developing an international network of networks to address this challenge; Soil for Society Network.

What is the goal?

The outcome of the two-year project will be the design of a global network of networks targeting soil systems for sustainable development. We are recruiting working partners in this area to contribute to co-designing this network of networks.

As a member of the network, you will be invited to:

  1. Participate in a survey to identify key challenges facing individuals and communities and identify multi-sectoral solutions to address them.
  2. Participate in a virtual workshop series to co-design the network of networks.
  3. Showcase your work through a virtual webinar series dedicated to exchanging knowledge and building partnerships.
Supported by the National Science Foundation AccelNet Program Award #2201335

Supported by the National Science Foundation AccelNet Program Award #2201335